Picking Up the Right Juul Pods

When you plan to quit smoking by shifting to vaping, you should do through research before picking the right one. If it’s not the right vape device for you or you can’t get along with it, you are going to find yourself going back to smoking. There are so many different types of vape pod mod kits out there these days that you will surely find one that you like the most – you just might need to try a couple out before you finally settle on just one or two that you will use full term.

As if variety of vape pod mod kit were not enough, we have another advance technology device Juul which is a closed system vaporizer specifically designed to create a simple and consistently satisfying experience for adult smokers looking to transition away from cigarettes. The Juul device is among the most simplified and ease to use vape device which contains a stress-tested battery, a proprietary temperature regulation technology and a set of sensors that identify when it’s in use.

The Juul pods come in two main flavors Virginia Tobacco & Menthol in nicotine strengths of 30mg and 50 mg/ml. However, with refillable Juul pod selling at ELiquid Depot online vape store, you can have juul pods and vape juice in 13 different flavors from ORBTL in 3 varying strength of 12 mg, 24 mg and 50 mg/ml.

The longer you take to make the transition between the different strengths of pod juice, the easier you will find your journey being. One of the guys in my team only stayed on the highest strength for a month or so before he dropped down to medium, and the remaining stages took about the same time – 4 to 6 weeks. He found himself going back to smoking regular cigarettes again within the year. There are a couple of friends of the team that have taken their time – three months or so between stages, and they are still smoke-free a year and a half later…

Sometimes it pays to take your time.

Once you’ve spent a couple of months (or however long you feel is necessary) on the highest strength nicotine level, it is time to drop down to the next one. This means you’ll be dropping from high to medium and, for the most part, you won’t even notice the difference.

You may find that you use it a bit more for the first few days after you’ve made the change but give it a week or so and you won’t even know you’ve changed at all. We like to think of it as changing brand or switching to lights. It will take a little bit of getting used to, but we found it reasonably easy.

Again, you should continue this medium strength for a few months, or until you feel comfortable enough to move down another level, and then you move onto the low Juul Pod Juice. At this point, you will only be smoking the equivalent of very light cigarettes, and you are only one step away from being completely smoke-free.